Game Design Rumble- When do choices matter?

We’re taking a break from Design Breakdown this week and instead bringing you Game Design Rumble!!

Game Design Rumble aims to teach and disucss the theories of game design, and how they can be applied to the games we create ourselves.

This week we are looking at player choice in games: when choice can be used effectively, and how it can be used to make your game that little bit more special.

LMB/002X Tuesday 19:00-20:30

Check out the Facebook event:

Networking & Pizza

A chance to network with other members of the Society and share in some pizza at the beginning of a new term! If you’re new this term, or fancy showing off some of your projects, then make sure to come along.
Join us at 14:00 today in RCH/017 if you’re interested!

Design Breakdown #5: No “i” in Team

This week in Design Breakdown we will be looking at co-operative games and how certain design decisions can be the difference between a fun experience for friends and a poorly balanced game that isn’t sure whether it wants to be played by one player or four.

The session will be in RCH/204 at 19:00 on Tuesday and will run for roughly an hour and a half. Be there!

The Facebook event can be found here.

Ex Nihilo #1: Concept & Style

Come along to the first of this term’s weekly “Ex Nihilo” sessions and make your very own Shoot ’em Up game from nothing but your own ideas and creativity!

No prior experience is required AT ALL, although these sessions will also be a chance for veteran developers to hone their skills and possibly even branch outside of their usual comfort zones.

This week we will be looking at the basics of turning an idea into a game concept and then developing that concept into the framework for an enjoyable game.

If you are interested, make sure to come along to RCH/037 at 14:00 on Saturday!

(If you have exams on, don’t panic! This week will be quite relaxed and there will be minimal work to catch up on before next week’s session.)

DevSoc Does Ludum Dare 34

It’s Ludum Dare 34 tomorrow, so come along to RCH/204 and make a game over the course of the weekend either in collaboration with or simply alongside other DevSoc members! The DevSoc event starts at 18:00 but the international event doesn’t start until after midnight, so our advice would be show up as soon as you are able, but don’t cancel your other plans to make sure you arrive at 18:00 on the dot!

During the warm-up, we’ll be socialising, forming teams, preparing and providing an informal Q&A from members who have participated in game jam events before, so if this is your first game jam, then make sure to come along and see how much fun it can be!

If you are participating separately because you aren’t in York over the weekend, then make sure to keep us updated on your progress on the Facebook Event Page, we want to hear from you! Similarly, if you post on the Ludum Dare site during the competition, make sure to add the tag “DevSocYork” to your post!

The Character of Game Narrative (Professional Lecture)

Emotion Unlocked – The Character of Game Narrative is a lecture on writing for video games by Steve Ince, an industry professional with over twenty years of industry experience in writing, design and consultancy.

Steve has previously worked on titles such as the Broken Sword series with Revolution Software and now works largely as a consultant.

Steve will also be available after the talk to answer any questions you might have for him, so this event is also a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to get into the industry. The event will be in RCH/204 at 19:00-20:30 on Tuesday the 24th of November, so be sure to come along!

Non-DevSoc members are welcome to attend this talk but must pay a £2 entry fee at the door.

Ground Up Project #6: Further Game Mechanics

In this week’s Ground Up Session, we will be taking a slightly different format–as everyone’s game is bound to be different, everyone will require slightly different mechanics, therefore this session will be slightly more free-form.

Everyone will get a chance to sit down and discuss their mechanics with one of the instructors, who can then help point them in the right direction as to how best to implement them.

With a bit of luck, everyone will leave with a clear idea of what needs to be done for their mechanics and hopefully have one or two up and working! As usual, we will be in RCH/103 at 14:00 on Saturday, so make sure to come along!

Cube 2 Social #2

With Members’ Networking cancelled, we have decided to increase the number of socials that we run.
Following on from our last, rather successful Cube 2 Social, we will be doing some on-the-fly level design over the course of a few hours in the Cube 2 Engine at 14:00 on Wednesday the 18th of November in RCH/Lakehouse.
If people fancy sticking around after the end of the social, we can head over to the Glasshouse for a few drinks.

Get in the Game (Careers Event)

If you are interested in a career in the games industry, then this talk by Aardvark Swift will give you a valuable insight into the industry and provide relevant information about experience and job applications. This non-DevSoc event will be held in RCH/Lakehouse at 18:30 on Tuesday the 17th of November. (DevSoc membership is NOT required to attend.)

If you want to attend, you need to sign up for a free ticket here. (By registering for this event you are agreeing to share your contact details with Aardvark Swift, who may use them to contact you following the session.)